Carp Fishing Rules and Conditions of Membership

1st October 2014 onwards

These are the rules for those on a "Carp Ticket". For the coarse fishing rules for those on a "Coarse Ticket" please see here.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in an instant ban from the fisheries and cancellation of the syndicate membership. Please read carefully and make sure you fully understand these rules.

1. Up to a maximum of FOUR rods may be used at any one time.
2. If more than two rods are used then additional Environment Agency licences are required. The Environment Agency Licence states rods should be no further than 3 metres apart
3. Rods must not be left unattended. You may go one swim (appx 20 metres) away from your rods (as we understand socialising is a big part of fishing). You may leave your rods under the care of another fisherman who is within 20 metres of your rods and able to hear your alarms. If in doubt please reel in.
4. Minimum line strength of 10lbs. No braid mainlines allowed except for marker floating.
5. All fish over 15lbs (mirrors) or 20lb (commons) must be added to the website using the gallery facility. We take this very seriously so we can monitor the fisheries stock.
6. Fish must not be kept in sacks ever.
7. Fish can be retained in recovery slings but for a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes only.
8. Leadcore / Leaders / Tubing must be used at all times to protect the fish. Strictly no direct line to lead.
9. Microbarbed / Barbed hooks only.
10. A large quality unhooking mat with supporting sides must be used to stop any fish rolling off the mat.
11. All fish caught to be treated with Carp Clinic (or other proprietary brand) on the hookhold and any other damaged areas.
12. No HARD particle baits. Particle baits may be used only after thorough soaking and cooking.
13. No Tiger Nuts/Peanuts. Boilies which include Tiger Nuts & Peanuts are permitted.
14. Bait boats allowed but you must stay in your swim boundry.
15. Maximum lead size 3oz to protect the stocks.
16. Lazer pens are banned at the fisheries.

Conditions of membership

a. Access to the lake only is permitted.
b. Dates of membership inclusive and only for the purpose of coarse fishing.
c. All Members must be in possession of valid Environment Agency fishing licence(s).
d. Access is strictly limited to Ticket members. + 1 Non Fishing Guest.
e. Membership is not transferable.
f. Green bivvies are permitted, but all other types of tent are not allowed. Bivvies / rods must not be pitched/setup and left unattended for more than 2 hours.
g. All gates must be left closed and fences are to be left as found and all rubbish must be removed from site - observe the country code.
h. Car parking is only allowed in the car park area designated.
i. No pets or other live animals may be brought on to the land at any time (except for use as bait).
j. No guns or other weapons (such as crossbows or slingshots except for projecting bait) may be carried or used at any time.
k. No bathing or swimming in the lake.
l. No trees, bushes, fruits, nuts, berries, cuttings or birds eggs to be removed or damaged.
m. Toilets are for use by Syndicate Members only and must be kept clean at all times, failure to do so will mean leaving the Syndicate.
n. If you find the toilets are not clean please ring Dale on 07967 378082.
o. Rowing boats / inflatables are not allowed.
p. Please observe the no fishing areas (Dales Bank) which is clearly marked - Dale uses this area for field testing. Fishing from this bank needs prior permission from Dale - If the lake is busy please ring Dale to get permission to fish.
q. All members enter the property entirely AT THEIR OWN RISK.
r. Dale Mclachlan his family or servants are not responsible for any loss damage or injury howsoever caused.
s. Please remove all surplus baits or foodstuffs as this may encourage the spread of rats and therefore increase the risk of contracting Weil's disease.
t. Avoid ingesting the lake water.
u. Please Report all trespassing or poaching to both Dale Mclachlan on 07967 378082 and the Police on 101.

The old rules which were in effect before 1st October 2014 can still be seen here. for historical reasons