About Highbridge Fishery

Highbridge on a sunny day

Highbridge Fishery is a roughly dug clay pit unique locally as it holds a good number of large common carp up to just under 40lb (as of autumn 2014). The water is a 6.7 acre reservoir which is a very basic looking pit, it is a clay lined water which has a lot of bloodworm and some nature weed dotted around.

There are two types of ticket available: A Carp Ticket which allows 4 rods and a Coarse Ticket which allows 2 rods. Rules for the two types of ticket can been seen by clicking the links above.

There are no hotspots for the carp or coarse fish: if you bait an area they will feed. The middle of the reservoir is approx 200 metres at the narrowest point and 37ft deep so other anglers should not cast across your swim.


The fishery has a heated 'carp cabin' (for use by coarse and fishing members) with a toilet block with washing facilities and a kitchen with charging facilities, a kettle, a toaster, a fridge, a microwave and table and chairs.

There is a secure Car park with a local Chinese and fish & chip shop, Rumbles, about 2 miles down the road.

Bait and Approach

Most top quality baits work on Highbridge Fisheries but lots of the big fish recently have been caught using Moretakes Bait available from http://moretakes.co.uk/. The fish move around the different depths throughout the year so be sure to try different depths until you find the fish. The fish in Highbridge are big and hungry - don't be afraid to bait heavily, several kilograms in a 24 hour session works well when they are 'on it'.

How to find us

The lake is 5 miles from Thetford north up the A11 and 2 miles from East Harling in a village called Bridgham. There is only 1 water in the village and it is easy to find - see the map on the contact page.